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What's New?


Rosebud   Rosebud Profiles

Using Rosebud you can control devices via SMS (telematics applications) and/or use special SMS services offered by your mobile provider.

At the moment Rosebud is only available in German language. Also some features (e.g. GPS Calculator) will work for Europe only.

Rosebud GPS Calculator

You can use the integrated GPS Calculator to translate GPS coordinates between three different formats.

Rosebud - TTN POI   Rosebud - TTN map

If you are using TTN (TomTom Navigator) you can display the GPS coordinates as POI (Point Of Interest) in your TomTom navigator software.

Rosebud - hfrmobile service map I   Rosebud - hfrmobile service map II

If you have no TTN you may use my little web service to display the POI (connection to the internet needed). The availability and functionality of this web service depends on my web hoster and the underlying map service!

Rosebud SMP - Execute   Rosebud SMP - GPSCalc   Rosebud SMP - hfrmobile map

There exists also a Smartphone edition of Rosebud with the same featues as the Pocket PC editon.

This are just some examples what you can do with Rosebud. In Version 1.0 and 1.1 you have to edit the registry manually! Your mobile provider may also offer you some interesting SMS services. You may also create your own profiles and Rosebud (.rb) files.


Updating instructions

  • Way A: Rename the Rosebud registry key (under HKCU\Software\HfrSoft) to Rosebud.bak, de-install Rosebud and install the new version. Then delete the created Rosebud key and rename Rosebud.bak to Rosebud and you will have all your profile and settings again.
  • Way B: Backup HKCU\Software\HfrSoft\Rosebud (e.g. using PHM Registry editor) to a .reg file. Install the new version and restore the registry settings using DeviceInfo (or another utility that is able to import .reg files).

Profile samples

I added this samples in order to demonstrate what you can to with Rosebud. If you like to use Rosebud it makes sense creating your own profiles.

Name Description
Default Rosebud sample Default Just for testing.
A1-Handy-Parken sample Handy-Parken Parking in Austria (Vienna and seven other cities) via SMS using your mobile phone (aka 'cell phone' aka 'Handy' ;-))
A1-Handy-Parken-2700 sample Handy-Parken-2700 Parking in 2700 Wiener Neutstadt (this city goes it's own way and so there is a need for a separate Rosebud profile)
Mastercard sample Mastercard Check your MasterCard account
PowerMax+ sample PowerMax+ PowerMax+ house alarm and automation system
Satalarm sample Satalarm Dolphin Satalarm vehicle tracking and alarm system
T-Mobile QuickInfo sample T-Mobile-QuickInfo T-Mobile QuickInfo services

Downloads (v1.1-SP1-Pro)

Downloads (v1.2-RC1-Pro)

Downloads (v1.2-RC1-Trial)

In order to obtain a license key determine your device id using DeviceInfo and send it to me and make the donation using the image below. After receiving your donation I create a key with your device id and send it back to you. This procedure may take some days because I do it in my spare time!

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