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What's New?

Remote Command (RCMD)


RCMD enables you to execute commands like dir, del, copy etc. to be executed on a mobile device.

RCMD enables you to remote execute common commands like dir, del on your mobile device and displaying the result on your desktop PC or laptop. RCMD also offers some specialized commands like tskedit, tedit, sbackup etc. The copy command is also specialized for RCMD in order to copy file from/to the mobile device. For a complete list of supported commands and their options refer to the original help.

Downloads (v1.61)

Windows (English)
  • x86
  • Original help: CHM
  • Workaround: sbackup/daylight
  • Time-out settings: 3sec/5sec/disabled
  • Information: I recognized that some users/companies are violating my disclaimer (free for personal use). RCMD is not free for commercial use! So I decided to add a license check. If you like to use RCMD will need a license key. Obtain a license using one of the buttons below. Thank you!

In order to obtain a license key make a donation using one of the images below and send me an e-mail providing your last name and first name (used to identify your donation + used to create a key based on your name). After receiving your donation I create a key based on your name and send it back to you. This procedure may take some days because I do it in my spare time!

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