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What's New?


PDAStore - Main Window   PDAStore - Edit entry

Using PDAStore you are able to organize your personal "knowledge base", "movie index", "recipes" etc. on your mobile device.

PDAStore stores data in so called "stores". A store is a file stored on your PDA with extension ".pdas". You can organize your Stores using categories. You can create/edit/delete entries and categories at any time. Of course you can only delete a category only if there are no entries associated with it.

PDAStore - Search

If you have created a lot of entries (hopefully you will do so ;-)) the search feature will help you to find you entries again when you need them. Be aware that your mobile device has limited memory and CPU speed! Do not create huge stores. I have created my personal store for my daily routine as IT consultant/programmer and it's just 215 KB! Since you can store only raw text with PDAStore 215 KB are a lot of text...

At the moment there exists no Smartphone edition of PDAStore.

PDAStore Command

Since PDAStore Version 1.0-RC4 I added an application called PDAStore Command. PDAStore Command (PDASCMD) allows you to convert text files (.txt) to PDAStore files (.pdas) and vise versa. So it is possible to do an "Import" from existing sources (e.g. Excel files --> Text --> PDAStore)! The application contains a sample text file named Top50Movies.txt which can you convert to Top50Movies.pdas and even change it to your needs.

  • Download (v1.1-SP1): net-1.1
  • Download (v1.2-RC2): net-2.0
  • Original help (v1.2-RC2): CHM


Sample Stores

The sample stores work for the Professional and Trial version of PDAStore of course. I added the samples in order to demonstrate what you can to with PDAStore.

Some ideas:
PDAStore file Personal Knowledge base
PDAStore file Movie index
PDAStore file Recipes
PDAStore file Top 50 Movies
PDAStore file Episode guides for TV series

For example I created a store for my classic CD collection. Now I can make queries like "Show me all works of W.A. Mozart in my CD collection".

If you are a creative person you will find a lot of other applications for PDAStore. At the moment I am using more than 50 Stores on my Pocket PC.

For a complete list of downloadable samples go to the e-book or e-guides page. Please consider that PDAStore was not created to build huge e-book files. There are other readers that do this better! PDAStore is not a e-book reader and was created to give users a tool which they can use to create "stores" of categorized personal information.

Downloads (v1.1-SP2-Pro)

Downloads (v1.1-SP2-Trial)

Downloads (v1.2-RC2-Pro)

Downloads (v1.2-RC2-Trial)

In order to obtain a license key determine your device id using DeviceInfo and send it to me and make the donation using the image below. After receiving your donation I create a key with your device id and send it back to you. This procedure may take some days because I do it in my spare time!

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